You Say Tomato, I Say It’s a Lean Year

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Columbia’s ivory tower does not exist in a vacuum after all! A hard freeze in Mexico, which forced Wendy’s to offer tomatoes by request only, has struck our very own Ferris Booth.

Ferris will not serve tomatoes “until further notice.”

However, it’s not all bad—the tomato shortage is probably good for tomato farmers demanding one more penny per pound. But Trader Joes’ doesn’t want to pay that extra penny, so people are protesting at the UWS branch!

Also of note: Ferris supports the Oxford comma!  So does Bwog!

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  1. What?

    What am I suppose to bring to the Senior Lecture series when the speaker is bad now?

  2. No tomatoes!

    How will the agriculture sector ketchup?

  3. Damn  

    Bwog, this has been there for two days! You gotta be quicker!

  4. Anonymous  

    Is there ANYONE on campus who agrees with me that the Oxford comma creates a painfully large gap between the last two items of a series and should be avoided unless it's needed for clarity?


    *slinks away*

  5. Well

    I climbed to Dharamsala too.

    I did!

  6. LBB'12  

    Who give the fuck about the Oxford comma?

  7. Anonopotamus  

    + on oxford comma usage
    - on lack of comma separating the dependent clause and the independent clause.

  8. Unpopular Opinion Time  

    I don't like Vampire Weekend. In fact, I despise them.

  9. well  

    the sundried tomatoes they're currently offering taste a thousand times better. might as well keep them instead of those round ones.

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