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We're such a colorful group of urbanites!

The Native Society is a social club for native New Yorkers. Well, not most New Yorkers, just swanky prep-school grads or U.H.B’s (“urban-haute bourgeoisie”). Also you don’t have to actually be a native New Yorker as long as you “display the Native mind-set” and find college social life embarrassing. Money quote: “When you grow up in New York City, our minds develop faster.” The society has been cattily compared to one of our very own institutions.  (NYT, Guest of a Guest)

A Berkeley theater professor has traced the origins of Jewish humor to the badkhn, a 17-century “kind of cruel court jester” who never called his mother.  Oy vey! (Jerusalem Post)

What do you do if you’re a lazy news network based in New York and you need to add some color to a story about crazy college kids? Just come uptown and start asking questions! All college kids are the same, right? (CBS)

A secret tape recording reveals that an NYPD lieutenant encouraged his officers to meet arrest quotas. Arrest quotasAt the NYPD? That’s impossible! (NYDN)

On Wednesday, Marc Lamont Hill, a professor of African-American Studies at Columbia, took to the airwaves to debate the Texas State University student who wants to offer race-based scholarships to white college students. (TPM, Reuters)

Colored cartography from Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. well...  

    there's race-based scholarship for black and hispanics, aren't there? i think the student is just trying to prove a point.

    -i'm not white

  2. Anonymous

    Every time I see that guy Marc Lamont Hill on tv, I feel like his opinions do more harm than good. His arguments blur the face of individuals, and in this case assumes this specific anecdote (from the scholarship) equates to a national trend. That is race bating in of itself and is wrong.

    Our of our best professors, Barbara Fields, argues against the concept of race and is the very best at it. This link goes a very long way and helps with race relations.

  3. Anonymous

    Marc Lamont Hill- one anecdote does not equate to a national trend, that is race baiting and in of itself is wrong. This is the second time I've seen that man blur the face of an individual and assume it's a national trend. That guy can be his own worst enemy sometimes. He does not help race relations (if you even buy into the concept of race, anymore) he instigates in the nature of way he goes about it.

  4. Anonymous

    *nature of the way

    -I'm human and don't believe race should be defined

  5. U.H.B.s

    <3 Whit Stillman <3

  6. Anonymous  

    Sine Nobilite, indeed. Why would anyone actually seek validation from this silly group of base-bred merchants, unless, of course...they were as base-bred as they were.

  7. Anonymous

    I read that first article last night. Amazing.

    That CBS thing was ridiculous. I mean, it didn't really make any since; I'm still not sure what happened...

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