We're such a colorful group of urbanites!

The Native Society is a social club for native New Yorkers. Well, not most New Yorkers, just swanky prep-school grads or U.H.B’s (“urban-haute bourgeoisie”). Also you don’t have to actually be a native New Yorker as long as you “display the Native mind-set” and find college social life embarrassing. Money quote: “When you grow up in New York City, our minds develop faster.” The society has been cattily compared to one of our very own institutions.  (NYT, Guest of a Guest)

A Berkeley theater professor has traced the origins of Jewish humor to the badkhn, a 17-century “kind of cruel court jester” who never called his mother.  Oy vey! (Jerusalem Post)

What do you do if you’re a lazy news network based in New York and you need to add some color to a story about crazy college kids? Just come uptown and start asking questions! All college kids are the same, right? (CBS)

A secret tape recording reveals that an NYPD lieutenant encouraged his officers to meet arrest quotas. Arrest quotasAt the NYPD? That’s impossible! (NYDN)

On Wednesday, Marc Lamont Hill, a professor of African-American Studies at Columbia, took to the airwaves to debate the Texas State University student who wants to offer race-based scholarships to white college students. (TPM, Reuters)

Colored cartography from Wikimedia Commons.