Saturday Morning Cartoons: Are There Swordfish in Nigeria?

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Good morning, friends! We hope your 7 midterms, 5 papers, and 8 problem sets are going well. We’re sure you got lots of work done last night in Butler (or at least did lots of “brainstorming” at 1020). Even if you didn’t work last night (and it’s totally okay if you didn’t—Bwog is a judge-free zone), Saturday morning is the time for optimism. You still have two  whole days to do all 34058 things you said you’d get done this weekend. Think of spring break as the light at the end of your tunnel of midterm gloominess! And if you can’t delay your gratification for that long, here are some cartoons to tide you over. Happy studying!

Cartoons by Jody Zellman

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  1. jajaja  

    the nigerian one was actually good

  2. Anonymous  

    these are actually pretty funny

  3. Hooah

    I like these. Good work!

  4. LOL  

    since when did Bwog start doing alt-text?

    Also, yeah the first one was almost New Yorker-y

  5. oh my gosh  

    friggin loved the second one.

  6. ha  

    the nigerian prince one is excellent

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