Overheard: N00bs Edition

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For the newbies

Let’s hope these are freshmen or just visitors.

Outside the Law School, two female adolescents:

“Wait, where’s NYU?”

Overheard on campus, “uptown”:

“I’m going downtown today, to 96th Street.”

Two CPJ conference attendees standing by the gates spot Alan Brinkley leaving campus:

“See that man there? He teaches here. That’s Alan Brinkley, the famous scientist.”

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  1. Ya,  

    The science of bad-assery! ... Up top!

  2. um

    downtown relative to campus?

  3. Anonymous

    I think the first girls were confused by Gossip Girl's depiction of the distance between Columbia and NYU.

  4. Alan Brinkley

    makes APUSH a science.

  5. Well

    whoever put this piece together clearly doesn't know a lot about NYC. In this city anything that is south of you on Manhattan is considered "downtown" and heading towards that location would be described as such.

  6. columbia bubble

    96th = still downtown....108th is dt....

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