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We received this video of a party in the John Jay laundry room from freshman Matteo Leibowitz. Let’s just say that this is the most awkward party we’ve ever seen (certainly not on the Grisham level)—you really have to see it for yourself: We originally thought it was another propaganda video from CCSC, but that […]

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As midterms doth approach, freshmen are hitting their stride on how-to-party and RAs are getting crankier.  One first-year floor RA emailed his floor, reminding everyone to shut up and get off his damn lawn buckle down on work for the betterment of the community.  The RA starts kindly: Just a reminder: Marijuana and drug paraphernalia […]

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Housing is a special time of year—after all, it’s a time when students have to critically think about things. If you need any advice beyond that which you received from the Core, you can ask us. After all, even though the liberal arts are the greatest pedagogical tool developed in human history, they don’t teach you […]

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It’s that time of year when teams of newly acquainted freshpeople  band together and try to come up with the best original pun. Below are the candidates for CCSC 2015 council—there are dozens of eager politicians. We’ve also heard that six candidates live on a single Carman floor, so things should get interesting. Also listed […]

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In an apparent effort to jade our incoming 2015 prefrosh before, rather than after, NSOP, Housing has already let down our youngsters. Last year, 14ers got their assignments on July 2nd. This year, Housing only finally released a few today—and then stopped. Predictably, a shitstorm ensued on the 2015 Facebook page. One student posted, “Housing […]

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Let’s hope these are freshmen or just visitors. Outside the Law School, two female adolescents: “Wait, where’s NYU?” Overheard on campus, “uptown”: “I’m going downtown today, to 96th Street.” Two CPJ conference attendees standing by the gates spot Alan Brinkley leaving campus: “See that man there? He teaches here. That’s Alan Brinkley, the famous scientist.”

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A tipster sent in the following piece of insider info, spotted on Carman 12:

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The class of ’14 has spoken: The Kiwi Krew swept the first year elections, except for Cristal James who took one of the Rep spots, displacing Jessica Eaton. Stay tuned for the official numbers. From Kiwi rep, Daphne Chen: “Speaking for myself I can promise that I am actually genuine about trying to make this year […]

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A view from John Jay 10. Thanks to Chris McGinn, CC ’13, for sending this in!

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