Free Food, Ms. Frizzle

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A regular school bus, booooring.

From 6:30 to 8 pm tonight in the Broadway Room of Lerner Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society will be giving away free food and screening episodes of The Magic School Bus. SEBS will also be explaining how students can get involved with a “real life Magic School Bus.” Kevin McDonald, SEAS ’12, explains in an email:

We will also be discussing how students can get involved with Columbia Alum Dr. Ben Dubin-Thaler’s real life Magic School Bus, which uses science education to effect social change. His Cell Motion BioBus is a mobile science laboratory that travels around New York City giving underprivileged students an exciting and unique hands on scientific experience. SEBS is bringing the BioBus to Columbia’s campus later this month (March 26th) to recruit volunteers who will be trained to teach on the bus.

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    "Enineers"? I guees you mean *engineers?

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    Scientsits and Enineers????????????

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    Marry me, Kevin.

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    Bench, I love you! <3

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    marry me bench/kevin/sean/awesome person!

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