Overseen: Midterm Rage Edition

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Midterms do not always bring out the best in us. It is common knowledge that Aeneas was knee-deep in exam season when he killed Turnus, “aflame with rage.” And on Carman 12, no stranger to shenanigans, the primal urge to tear things down from bulletins boards has been indulged without mercy.

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  1. Anonymous

    wouldn't it be funny if scat porn was actually people scat singing naked and not pooping?

  2. Brian Wilson

    I want to rage... right now.

  3. carman 7  

    whatever this happens every weekend

  4. Augustine  

    Perhaps they did not shake the fliers down for the sake of having the fliers, but instead for the sheer pleasure of doing something forbidden?

  5. most of those events  

    past anyway. I wished we required clubs to take down their fliers after everything was done, I hate seeing stuff for old events.

  6. Anonymous

    at least it wasn't the board the RA put up, that is a bitch

  7. anonymous  

    Also happened on JJ5 this weekend

  8. Typical  

    Honestly, I wish that Columbia would just kick out everyone who puts Carman down as their first choice for housing. The University would be a lot better, and be almost entirely free of massive douchecanaries.

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