Morningside Almanac: Spring Break Edition

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For some, spring break is a time to go crazy. There are many ways and places to go crazy, but you might not have thought of the Columbia farmer’s market. Now you can! The great beasts are laying! Roaming Acres Ostrich Farm will have eggs! You can live the dream of being a sexy young Paul Newman in jail. Perhaps before stopping by you might want to reliveread Bwog’s exhilarating interview with the ostrich tamer extraordinaire.

A single ostrich egg, scrambled. Crazy right?

They will also have all the regular things, like vegetables. Apparently these are the last weeks to buy honey!

Very large egg dish via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous  

    how much cholesterol is in there?

  2. Bwog just refferenced

    Cool Hand Luke. My life is now complete.

  3. Man

    U guys rly <3 the farmers mrkt

  4. Anonymous

    Where the dorm reviews at, Bwog?

  5. Anonymous

    the cholesterol in eggs is mainly the good kind

  6. HugTrees

    Ostrich farmers are poachers.

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