No, They’re Not Bookworms

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Bwog received multiple tips today that bed bugs were found on the 4th floor of Butler. According to a tipster who works in the building, the insects were large enough that they were visible to the naked eye on upholstered chairs in room 408. Apparently, someone was living in the area—a coffee pot, toothbrush, luggage, and wet wash cloth were discovered nearby. An exterminator visited the room today, and staffers are removing the chairs. So if you see any abandoned furniture on 114th St., don’t take it.

Bwog has received no official statement from the library or University. We’ve contacted the Butler’s Director of Access Services for further comments.

At least we’re not alone! Earlier this year, bed bugs hit the Waldorf Astoria, Bloomingdale’s, The Empire State Building, The New York Department of Health (oh the irony!), Abercrombie (probs had it coming), and other revered institutions.

Itchy yet?

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  1. Hmm

    Wonder if I can extend my year abroad for another year...

  2. Anonymous

    Really? Syfy? I am disappoint.

  3. ew  

    EW OH MY GOD. good excuse never to go back to butler

  4. Bed Bug Guy  

    Sorry everyone!

  5. Anonymous  

    Foul. Bed bugs can basically fucking ruin your life.

  6. Anonymous  

    my roommates fault. that son of a gun is never home cuz he eats sleeps and defecates in that corner

  7. Gross/scary

    Enough with the bedbugs, NYC!

    But then we also have to ask, who was living in Butler?

  8. Anonymous  

    Why does Butler let people sleep there?

    There are always several homeless people in those alcove rooms on the third floor. It ruins my elitism buzz

  9. Anonymous  

    a coffee pot and luggage?

  10. wha?

    "Apparently, someone was living in the area" wtf? really!?!

  11. Anonymous

    that's so gross! I am really skeeved out.

  12. CUIT

    Sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs byte.

  13. Anonymous  

    nothing good happens past the 3rd floor y'all

  14. Anonymous  

    another reason why it's bad to study...

  15. wishful thinking

    Given the recent NYC bed bug panic and people being on the look-out for them, other insects (mites, immature roaches, young ticks, book lice, etc.) are often misidentified as bed bugs. So until there's confirmation from an expert it's possible these aren't bed bugs. Let's hope!

  16. Revered Institutions

    should not include Abercrombie...

  17. my

    neighbor has a farting problem.

  18. SEAS Boy  

    I think the 4th floor is less crowded now. If I could find some bed bug resistant clothing, I think I could study in the exact corner. Don't worry, I shower (I have to look nice/smell clean for my job...cause you know, that's a basic skill request to be employed.) I got my own personal study spot that no one is willing to touch.

  19. yuck

    From what I've read, when bed bugs are crawling around, clearly visible, doesn't that indicate a very BAD infestation??

  20. yuck

    not to mention that the BB are probably setting up shop inside the books

  21. Francie Mrkich  

    Thanks to a student’s proactive report of seeing a bedbug in one of the Butler 4th floor group study rooms on Monday morning, we were able to quickly close the two affected rooms and call in professional exterminators for treatment. The exterminators wrapped and discarded the infested chairs, and vacuumed and chemically treated the spaces. The rooms will remain closed until a follow up cleaning occurs. The rooms are planned to reopen by the end of the week.

    The exterminators also did an inspection of the other 4th floor study spaces and found no other signs of infestation. Those rooms are being monitored and the exterminators will make a follow up inspection in several days.

    The Libraries are also discussing ongoing preventative inspections of our spaces to avoid future infestations.

    Francie Mrkich
    Director of Access Services
    Columbia University Libraries

  22. simmer down!  

    the bed bugs just want to study like us! give them a break.

  23. No way.  

    I bet those buggers would throw off the curve. Evil little shits.

  24. JP

    CU is now accepting bed bugs on affirmative action... based on the fact that our speciesist anti-bed bug prejudices are the worst among the insect community...


    #transfer #dirty #mylibraryisahomelessshelter

  25. Please clean more in butler  

    It has been well known that this floor was filthy and infested, especially the largest room, 403. The real problem is that the floors are rarely cleaned in 403. 403 is the most used room in butler. And, bathrooms on the 3rd and 4th floor are used far more than other bathrooms in butler. There should be more frequency to cleaning based on usage of both these particular bathrooms and 403.

  26. Please clean more in butler  

    I was discussing the general state of filth in butler, not only bedbugs

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