Bwog received multiple tips today that bed bugs were found on the 4th floor of Butler. According to a tipster who works in the building, the insects were large enough that they were visible to the naked eye on upholstered chairs in room 408. Apparently, someone was living in the area—a coffee pot, toothbrush, luggage, and wet wash cloth were discovered nearby. An exterminator visited the room today, and staffers are removing the chairs. So if you see any abandoned furniture on 114th St., don’t take it.

Bwog has received no official statement from the library or University. We’ve contacted the Butler’s Director of Access Services for further comments.

At least we’re not alone! Earlier this year, bed bugs hit the Waldorf Astoria, Bloomingdale’s, The Empire State Building, The New York Department of Health (oh the irony!), Abercrombie (probs had it coming), and other revered institutions.

Itchy yet?