The Fickle Five Guys Opens. Again.

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Five Guys has been unnervingly flaky. But worry no longer! They’re open for business, so get ’em while the getting’s good!

Tell us how you feel (about the burgers, the opening, the state of the republic) in the comments!

Update, 3:40 pm: Video coverage!

Five Guys Opening from bwog on Vimeo.

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  1. Grammar?  

    Really? Please learn to construct a proper sentence.

  2. wildly ecstatic

    it's as if life has meaning again.

  3. Yeah  

    And having a vegetarian review five guys was one of the dumber decisions you've ever made bwog. There are some real burger-lovers at this school. ask them.

    • Claire  (Bwog Staff)  

      Calm down! The veggie in question gave up precious minutes of her break to take some pictures of the opening, warn you about all the peanuts, and explain that a full review of the food is coming. Two fine lady Bwoggers are going head in head in an epic burger battle this weekend and we'll post their in-depth, fully-carnivorous review next week!

  4. Burger reviews!  

    We (Columbia) actually has a relatively prominent Burger food blogger alumni.
    His personal site is and he is a corespondent for Serious Eat's A Hamburger Today.

  5. Roving Reporter  

    I observed a wheelchair-bound woman politely arguing with an employee about the inaccessibility of the access ramp in front of Five Guys. Don't be surprised if it closes again to fix this apparent oversight.

    If you feel this report was lacking in commas, here are some extra ones. Place them where you see fit: ,,,,,,,,

  6. This place  

    looks like a hospital cafeteria

  7. Anonymous  

    More workers than customers. Let's see how this works out.

  8. Is Bwog This Low Class?

    Why does Bwog make such a big deal out of 5guys? Who the fuck cares? It's just another [overpriced] fast food corporate chain burger place. Been to em in various college regions before. Gain some standards, Bwog. God damn.

  9. ...  

    it's because while you thought you were signing up for school in exciting, new york city, you signed up for school in "upstate manhattan" where yes, indeed, the most exciting thing to happen in months is the opening of a new tentacle of a fast food chain.

    • most exciting thing to happen in months  

      besides like massive nypd drug busts and incest scandals.

      anyways, we're in college, good cheap food is near the top of our priorities

  10. wayyyyy too  

    wayyyy too expensive

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