The Wizard of (H)Oz(ing)

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With great power comes great responsibility. Or so we hear.

Meet Shai Chester. Before last Thursday, he was just like any other normal Columbia sophomore, probably filling his head with lofty dreams of Spring Break lasting forever and the what-ifs of being able to use Flex at Halal carts.

Until the fate of the world was placed into his hands.

Well, okay, not THE world. But your world—the housing lottery, that is. Shai was approached late last week while meandering around the main quad. Housing officials asked him to be one of two students  to participate in the random generation of the 2011 lottery numbers. According to Shai, the housing powers that be “mentioned they were trying to make housing more transparent” this year by involving students in the process. Their role included hearing a full explanation of the housing lottery, and being asked to generate the numbers on a computer program.

So with the push of a button, Shai completed his housing adventure. Just as yours began.

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  1. Assassin  

    I have found my target. Revenge for my lottery number shall be swift and fierce!

  2. OMG

    Please get Hooda to instal a Flex reader. Better yet get 53rd and 6th to get a Flex reader and move to 116th and Amsterdam.

  3. Anonymous  

    kill the pig!

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