Abacchalypse Now (+36 Days)

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Perhaps this is what this year's show will be like.

As we’re sure you know, the Abacchalypse is fast approaching—just five weeks away! Next Thursday’s Bacchanal Artist Release Party at Havana Central will reveal the mystery performers for this year’s show. Faithful Bwog commenters have predicted various artists, but we’d like to stir the pot just a bit more. Unlike last year’s week of Chewbacchanal events, this year’s Bacchanal week will feature only the traditional 420 Movie Screening on Low Plaza (they’ll be showing The Dark Side of Oz!) and the Abacchalypse concert itself.

So, if Bacchanal’s budget increased this year and they’ve cut down on events (last semester’s Mickey Avalon show was budgeted ahead of time)…the possibilities are too exciting for us to even conclude our thought. Speculate in the comments!

Authentic Bacchanal via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. FIRST  



    Van Burren

    Black Eyed Peas??

    Snoop Dogg (haha kidding we lost that one, didn't we kids?)

  2. Anonymous  

    kate perry!

  3. Anonymous  

    no, it IS snoop

  4. Should be  

    Janelle Monae. But it probably won't be.

  5. Anonymous

    dan left his laptop open in our lounge a while back

    it's yellowcard, hootie and the blowfish and D12

  6. AND  

    by using a student band as the opening act, they're really opening themselves up to throw almost all $120,000 at two artists. what a waste.

  7. Why

    is Baachanal so late this year? That's the same weekend as KCST and V-Show.

  8. ahhh  

    quit teasin' me bwog I cant take it!

  9. they

    better release that info soon, or people will start making plans to travel to schools that have generally legitimate acts...

  10. im pretty positive  

    it's U2. also, our tuition is now $100,000.

  11. Anonymous

    they've never actually had a midnight release party to announce the performers, have they? that's gotta be a great sign too...

  12. Anonymous  

    bacchanal is always shit. why do people look forward to it?

  13. Anonymous  

    who gives a shit

  14. Insider  

    Its lou bega

  15. Studying Abroad

    Am I a bad person if I hope for a mediocre artist?

  16. You've all  

    got it wrong. I'm an insider and I know for sure it's Britney F****** Spears!!! She's doing her promo tour for the new Femme Fatale album which comes out on Monday. She'll keep us dancin' till the world ends!

  17. Spaceman  

    The Killers.

  18. got it out of Jody

    over spring break. Ke$ha.

    No joke. I wish I were joking. Ke$ha.

  19. Anonymous  


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