PrezOb(ama) is in Town!

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President Obama is heading to Harlem for a fundraiser at the Red Rooster tonight, and the cost of admission is a cool $30,800. It’s the Commander in Chief’s first visit to the neighborhood since taking office. Who knows, maybe PrezOb (BO?) will stop by Columbia—go go gadget POTUS Project!


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  1. Anonymous  

    As someone who voted for Obama in 2008 and saw him ignore all his election promises, I can sincerely say that he is absolutely gutless and a self-advancing politician like any else.

  2. get as many 30,000 plates as you can!  

    because you're going to need it in 2012, jerk.

  3. No  

    Stop trying to make PrezOb happen. It's not going to.

  4. Anonymous

    are you kidding? he's a great president, fuck you misleading a-holes, go side with the likes of bloomberg

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