Barnard Housing ‘Cap’ Reached

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Barnard has reached its housing cap—that is, the maximum number of Barnard students who can live in Columbia housing. For Barnard students who picked a backup room are OK-ish, but those who didn’t are going onto the ominously-named Guaranteed Wait List.

We are investigating just what this means for Columbia students who went into Suite Selection with Barnard students. Full email below.

Dear Barnard student:

According to our records, you registered as part of a group over at CU Suite Selection.

Unfortunately, we have reached the the point at which the maximum number of Barnard students who may select at Columbia (i.e. the ”cap”) has been reached.

We apologize for not being able to know in advance what the final cap would be, but the number depends on a formula which takes into consideration how many CU students who registered at Barnard were able to successfully select with their BC group (the total number of Barnard students who get to live at CU may not exceed the number of CU students who live at Barnard).

Hopefully you registered for Barnard Room Selection and selected your backup room at Barnard. If you did not select a backup room at Barnard (or did not register for Barnard Room Selection), your option now is to sign up for the Guaranteed Wait List.

We’re attaching a Guaranteed Wait List form for you to fill out and submit by 4pm on Monday, April 4 (if you need to do so). When you submit the Guaranteed Wait List form to the Residential Life & Housing office (110 Sulzberger), you will need to additionally sign a Barnard Housing Contract. Students on the Guaranteed Wait List have until August 2 to be able to cancel their housing contract, should they wish, without incurring the $1000 late cancellation charge.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions — Residential Life & Housing

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  1. Anonymous  

    fuck housing and dining so hard

    • Not Really  

      Because housing always emphasized that you should pick a room at Barnard regardless and it's not guaranteed. This is repeated often. So clearly students in this situation should've picked a back-up room. And hopefully they all did.

    • cc'11  

      Dear Barnard students,

      Any of you want to live with me? I'm about to graduate and I don't like sleeping alone at night.


      • cc 12  

        I'm in a lease on a sweet off campus apartment, total size 1350 sqft, private bath, terrace, modern kitchen, private marble bathroom, 5 blocks from campus, 2br's are opening up after graduation. I was about to rent the rooms to some friends, but with this situation just now happening, I want to pull off a three's company situation during my sr. year. Let's do this!

  2. Anonymous  

    that sucks :(

  3. Anonymous

    and this happens every year - there have been past years where the cap barely made it through the first day of suite selection. Consider yourself lucky if the cap drops into the 20ish point groups.

  4. hahahhaha


  5. forget swipe access  

    these caps are what we should be protesting! it makes no sense that barnard students can't live at columbia and vice-versa. If you're concerned about co-ed dorms, then make some of them single-sex (like Sulz Tower is now), but don't just keep all but a handful of Columbia students out of Barnard dorms when tons want to be with their Barnard friends and obviously a couple of Barnard students want to room in Columbia housing!

  6. for real, guys  

    YOU DON'T GO HERE. the end.

  7. Anonymous  

    Who is playing the Spring Concert? It's 12:07 and I'm waiting!

  8. pissed  

    if I go to applebee's, does that make me part of applebee's? If I stay at my friend's house, do I become part of his family? if I take a class at a neighboring high school, am I said to be a student there? the answer to all, if you're not stupid, is no. eating, living, and studying somewhere doesn't make you a part. the fact is, you pay your bills to the barnyard trustees, and you get a scrap of paper with d.spar's name on it. you are not columbia.

  9. sigh  

    Barnard related comments make me want a hug....and a stiff drink.

    • Anonymous

      I know, it's all kinda sad..... why the hate?
      Jesus, at least as a Barnard student my everyday experience doesn't have anything to do with what shows up on the bwog comments....

    • Agreed  

      Do you people who write negative comments about Barnard have friends who are students there? You respect them, right? So why undermine your friendship by insulting the community they are a part of and probably inadvertently hurting them?

  10. Anonymous  

    regardless, they won't be able to live with the people they initially were hoping to.

  11. Anonymous  

    how it happened. We would have been part of your school as well except that the all-male trustees at the time of Frederick A.P. Barnard's presidency refused to entertain his vision of having women on campus. Creating Barnard as a separate institution was the compromise that Frederick A.P. Barnard reached with the trustees, but to create a loophole and assert his original vision, Frederick A.P. Barnard also casually and intentionally omitted Barnard's legal right to confer degrees, thus leaving all Barnard degree-conferring to Columbia and consequently cheating Barnard into the Columbia system without upsetting Barnard's sexist colleagues. 123 years later Barnard is still not authorized to confer its own degrees and degree conferral is instead encompassed by Columbia's. That was Columbia's decision, not ours. We do not, nor have we ever, paid for the mere right to your degrees, let alone out of whatever desperation, jealousy, or starstruckness you seem to perceive. We do, however, pay proportionally on behalf of our students' use of Columbia services so that Columbia is not losing money serving students who are not paying tuition to Columbia itself. (Incidentally, this is why the issue of sorority participation and Barnard's own subsidization of sororities (which, to complicate things, could only exist with our earlier symbolic recognition) were so inseparable.)

    To summarize, Barnard's status as a separate institution arose, then, not from any legitimate difference in intelligence, but rather the social expectation of people just like you of some difference in intelligence. When you make uninformed remarks like the one you just made, you are echoing these dated and sexist modes of thought. For the benefit of everyone on campus (except, presumably, your insecure and ignorant self), please learn history the way it actually happened and not the way that most validates your sense of intellectual self-worth.

  12. Strunk and White

    Improper use of "hopefully,", housing

  13. come on guys

    I got nothing against Barnard (like, at all), but the only reason youre bitching about the system being unfair is because you didnt get what you wanted. Apparently housing has gone to incredible lengths to fairly distribute housing between BC and CU (they have a formula!). How hard is it to realize that CU housing has limited resources, just as Barnard does?

    Not to mention that half of CU cant traditionally migrate to Barnard housing, at least in doubles. I dont know the specifics of gender neutral housing regarding Barnard and CU, but surely there is some friction there that makes swapping housing more difficult.

  14. might not  

    have been a difference in intelligence then, but there sure is now.

  15. cc'11  

    I am honestly ashamed to see all this hatred go towards Barnard students, girls who we take classes with and are friends with and who make up a huge part of our community. I must admit that I also used to feel some annoyance that Barnard girls use our resources (like our housing, libraries, etc), but Columbia students use theirs just as much! We eat at their cafeteria, take books out of their library, attend their events. I know that I personally even got a job based off of a connection I made at a Barnard career fair. These are intelligent girls-- yes maybe our admission rate is lower than theirs but who cares?? Barnard is also an academically rigorous school and many of their students are extremely bright. Not all, clearly, but I also know students at CC who don't even come close to measuring up to some BC girls I've met, intelligence-wise. Hell, if I hadn't gotten into CC you can bet that I would have applied to BC. It just seems silly and petty to me that CC and SEAS should be so pissy about Barnard students being part of our lives even though they make up an active and vibrant part of our community. And if what everyone is so annoyed about is the fact that some Barnard girls say they go to Columbia or otherwise try to pretend that they do, GET OVER IT. You know the truth, as do they, and this clearly would only bother the extremely insecure.

  16. Anonymous  

    I don't understand why this is causing so much anger. It's a housing EXCHANGE. 10 people from Columbia go live at Barnard, so 10 people from Barnard come live at Columbia. It's not like Barnard students are taking housing spots away from Columbia students; they're TRADING. Not really that big a deal.

  17. I feel like...  

    the more important question is whether the people who have not picked for suite selection left automatically have their Barnard people dropped from their group; therefore, a group of 5 with one Barnard girl is now a group of four for suite selection. Is this the case?

  18. Barnard Alumna

    The superiority complex rhetoric inherent in all the anti-Barnard comments assures me of one thing: you folks writing them are gonna have a tough time making friends after you graduate.
    Turns out, the majority of people you're going to meet in your future didn't go to an ivy league school. Some of these people will be smarter than you, even (perish the thought!). Some of them will even be your bosses. Believe you me, they're gonna resent the shit out of your elitist attitude.
    So, I'd work on that.

    • Anonymous  

      Please, get off your high horse. People who got into Columbia University have a reason to be proud of their accomplishments. People who complain about elitism are nothing more than bitter wannabes. If they weren't, then why would they be bitter? Stop trying to justify people's inferiority complexes. You assume people won't have friends because of this mystical superiority complex we all seem to have? Please go on dreaming this. Sounds like someone is trying to compensate for their lack of achievement by brandishing about their cadre of "friends".

      And for the most part, the superiority complex is warranted in this case. There should be no reason why Barnard students should ever get more housing in CU housing when there is even one students who got into CU proper who might not get housing.

      • FUUUUUUU  

        What about this situation do you not understand? A certain number of CU students gave up their spots in CU housing to live in Barnard housing. The same number of Barnard students are giving up their spots in Barnard housing to live in CU housing. If there is "even one students" who goes to CU and doesn't get housing (which I don't think is allowed to happen...isn't that what "guaranteed housing" means?), it won't be because there are Barnard students living here. You have to realize that Barnard has limited housing too, and some CU people are taking up their space. That's the idea behind this whole trading process.

  19. Anonymous

    this is so dumb.

  20. don't lie  

    You all have Barnard friends.

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