Twenty Seven Million Dirty Secrets: An Abolition Campaign

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Remember campus character Phillip Dupree, snowball-fight purveyor extraordinaire? He’s back in action, but this time he’s throwing shots at something much more deserving than a freshperson.

Dupree and fellow Columbians Megan Armstrong and Lucy Herz have started a project to combat what he calls “the world’s 27 million dirtiest secrets”—slavery in the modern world. Their I Am An Abolitionist Campaign kicks off tonight, and includes documentary screenings, panel discussions, and a benefit concert in the future. CNN’s Freedom Project has even expressed interest in profiling them! Their blurb:

“Some of us know that the industry of human trafficking has grown to an appalling size, a few of us even know that there are 27 million people being trafficked today, more than there ever were at the height of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. However, some don’t. And those who do know about it don’t know how to respond. Starting March 31st [that’s tonight!] at 8pm in 309 Havemeyer, Columbia Intervarsity Social Justice is launching the I AM AN ABOLITIONIST Campaign that aims to inform and inspire college students to be modern-day abolitionists.”

There will be a screening of the “rockumentary” Call + Response, followed by a talk and Q&A session with Justin Dillon, musical artist and director of the film.

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  1. IVCF kid  

    Phillip, Lucy, and Megan are my heros. I know we get barraged with new horrifying things about the world we live in every day around here and it can get overwhelming. But these guys are great and actually have the connections and knowledge to help fight this particular evil and show you how you can too.

    Give it a shot. Come to the screening. Or at least check out the preview:

  2. sarz  

    Dear Phil,
    You are the bestest. You make me so proud. It's furril.

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