Romance. Cross-posting.

In this edition of Bwoglines, Bwog goes on a date with the New York Times.

First, we hold hands on the ferry. Times whispers in our ear, “Starting soon, the ferries will be a great way to traverse Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, moving along a seven-stop route and coming as frequently as every 20 minutes during peak hours.” (NYTimes)

Gazing out at the water, Times tells us about Columbia Professor Delbanco’s review of “America Aflame,” a book that questions the inevitability of the Civil War. Bwog smiles and shivers. (NYTimes)

Times then asks us if we heard that non-hispanic whites are now, for the first time, a minority in New York City. Bwog compliments Times’s interactive graph, at which Times blushes. (NYTimes)

Times offers its jacket. Bwog asks Times if it ever looks up at the stars and thinks about… life…. The two settle down for one of the free stargazing sessions hosted by the Columbia Astronomy department. (NYTimes)

Bwog takes Times by the hand and looks it in the eyes, “I want to take you somewhere special… spicy special.” The Times promises to allude to Columbia’s treasured turkey treat in an ode to collegiate delicacies. (NYTimes)

We hope NYTimes selects Bwog using iWould, a new hook-up facilitating app designed by a team of Columbia B-Schoolers in which you select potential hook-ups and receive a notification when that special someone(s) selects you back. (Village Voice)

For those looking for free love from the Times, remember that the paywall goes up today. Readers may view 20 articles per month before being asked to pay. However, readers who come to Times articles through links from search, blogs and social media like Facebook and Twitter will be able to read those articles, even if they have reached their monthly reading limit. For some search engines, users will have a daily limit of free links to Times articles. Bwog spoke to the Columbia Librarians and CCSC and will provide a more comprehensive explanation on how the paywall affects you later today.

Swingers via wikimedia.