How do you plan to start your morning?

The Yale Police Department is currently investigating a possible sexual assault involving Yale undergraduates at a “naked party” thrown by the Pundits, Yale’s senior prank society. Perhaps this is why Columbia never has naked parties…(underwear parties don’t count!) (NYDN, YDN)

We hope your first meal today looks as fun as these breakfasts do. Personally, Bwog prefers its eggs smiling. (City Room)

A slide from a US Air Force Anti-Terrorism Training Course cites universities like Harvard, Columbia, and USF for inviting Islamic professors to their campuses who facilitate the “brainwashing [of] the academic youth in America.” Apparently, university Muslim student groups have also been identified as “prime terrorism suspects in the United States.” (The Atlantic)

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker (R) begins the process for layoffs of 1,500 state employees, stating that layoffs would commence a month from now if his “budget repair” proposal isn’t passed. Should the 14 Senate Democrats return to Wisconsin, says Walker, these layoffs may be avoided. The 14 senators, however, claim they have no such plans. (WashPo, NYT)

Early this morning, Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi’s militia stormed the rebel-controlled town of Zawiyah. Town residents call it a massacre. (GlobalPost, NYT)

For some midterm procrastination: play Rock-Paper-Scissors with a computer! We swear it’s more exciting than it sounds. (NYT)

This Bwogger’s Preferred Breakfast via Wikimedia Commons