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Play ‘Sheen, Beck or Qaddafi?’.
Convince yourself this is technically only half-procrastinating because you’re learning “to distinguish between the mad ramblings of an entertainer, a despot, and a newsman another entertainer”, a skill you’ll find useful while attempting IDs later this week. (NY Mag).

In other Charlie Sheen news (let’s break out the phrase), George Washington University seniors apparently have taken a liking to his “ten thousand year old brain and boogers of a 7 year old” (Huffington Post).

Call home and ask to talk to your pets.
Besides being an accurate profile of the typical Columbia student, The Brandeis Hoot’s article on procrastination also some things to do when you’re at the library today. In all likelihood, you’ll probably need this more comprehensive list to last you till Thursday evening. Besides, that carpet is not going to mow itself (The Brandeis Hoot).

Follow an investigation!
Here’s a starting place to investigate if procrastinating is taking a little longer than expected (Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail).

Catch up on Columbia sports news?
In our final basketball game of the season last night, Columbia beat Brown, 91-74. Here are the statistics for the whole men’s season, women’s and some funny sports faces (NCAA, Telegraph).

Fun in the sun via wikimedia