We do have some serious professors.

Poli Sci professor Dorian Warran discusses Wal-mart’s potential gender-bias class action suit. (Bloomberg)

Samantha Power, one of Obama’s people on the NSC, spoke at Columbia yesterday about Libya. (NYT)

Physicist Janna Levin of Barnard explains that space has sound, not just light, and that we can hear it when important celestial events happen. We love TED talks! (TED)

Edward E. Smith, direct of cognitive neuroscience,  found a link between ‘socially induced pain’ (like a broken heart!) and physical pain. In other words, breaking up really does hurt. (Businessweek)

Serious Eats just rails on Community’s burger, which apparently looks great–and stops being great right there. (Serious Eats)

In order to better combat bedbugs, NYC is increasing penalties for negligent landlords. (AP)

An Egyptian cobra–which can kill in 15 minutes–escaped from the Bronx Zoo. It’s cool though, just get a cold one at Amsterdam Tavern and it’ll be fine. (The Independent)