He is surprised. Moral of the story: be prepared.

It’s not even a surprise any more: Apple is tightening its control over the content on its shiny, widely purchased devices. (WSJ)

It’s also not even a surprise any more: “Mr. Bloomberg now wants to dominate a new sphere.” The Mayor is expanding his already significant wealth and influence by venturing into the world of opinion journalism. Writing-and-reporting types take note, he plans to pay writers “close to $500,000.” (NYT)

It’s still kind of disconcerting, but no longer a surprise: Arkansas has been experiencing frequent earthquakes that may be linked to natural gas drilling. “Kim Bannister. . . like most in the region, has become somewhat accustomed to earthquakes.” (NYT)

It was surprising: Everyone predicted that a recent solar flare would interfere with communication and navigation, but then it didn’t. Meanwhile, researchers have been taking a close look at the Big Apple’s potential for energy harnessing solar panels. (Wired, Metropolis)

Also, CU Assassins is under way! Watch your back, Columbia, or you might get surprised by a SEAS kid with a squirt gun.

an inside look at this guy’s photobooth pictures via Wikimedia Commons