Midterm hibernators, it’s time to scurry out of your study dens and scamper over to Greenborough (604 W 114th St between Broadway and Riverside) for the Delish-a-thon 2.0, hosted by Greenborough and EcoReps! Your classmates will be participating in an “informal cooking competition” in the categories of Eggs ‘n’ Milk, Squash and Taters, Meaty Times, and Fruit. It sounds quite tasty, and at 7 pm, you get to snack on all the gourmet food (made with locally-grown ingredients, natch) they make! All you have to do is donate (okay, so the event isn’t totally free) a non-perishable item upon entry for a collection that will go to the Broadway Presbyterian. And don’t forget to bring your own plate and fork to facilitate your eating pleasures!

Fun Fact: A possible anagram for “Delish-a-thon!” is “Shh! Not a deli.” This is a sign, we’re sure of it.

Classic Fruit Still Life via Wikimedia Commons