The results from the Task Force on Military Engagement’s student survey are in, and will not be officially released until tomorrow. While 11,629 students were eligible to participate, only 2,252 completed the survey. Check out the Task Force’s full ‘Executive Summary’ here, which contains survey results, the Task Force’s suggestions and Columbia’s history with the military.

Sixty percent of the students who did participate approved of a return of ROTC to CU’s campuses, while 79 percent of participants approved of “Columbia allowing the participation of Columbia students in ROTC, whether on- or off-campus.”

At the end of its executive summary, the Task Force makes five assertions:

  • Our current relationships with the military enrich the Columbia community.
  • Columbia’s relationship with ROTC is an issue of concern and the matter should be addressed formally by the University Senate at present.
  • Columbia should actively support the endeavors of individual students to participate in ROTC programs, whether on- or off-campus.
  • If ROTC is to return to Columbia, the faculty and Deans must retain full jurisdiction over questions of academic credit, appointments, and governance.
  • Columbia’s non-discrimination policy is important and encourages a tolerant and open community.

Also notable is that, according to the Boston Globe, Harvard will both formally recognize on campus and fund the NROTC, with cadets still training at MIT.