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SGA: Participation Edition

The Roman Vag

The Forum

  • Next year, a program called the “Forum” will be held in the Diana, according to a guest from Student Life. The program will emphasize public speaking and take the form of a Roman forum. The guest hopes that the event will become part of Barnard tradition.
  • SGA is looking into the possibility of Barnard’s participation in COÖP. “If students are really pushing for it and support bringing on a staff person who could oversee that, hopefully Barnard could get involved with COÖP.”
  • Members discussed problems with scheduling events in public spaces like Liz’s Place—events disrupt studying in common spaces. They will look into the issue in the hopes that events put on by groups like McAC can coexist with the day-to-day routines and plans of students.
  • Flyering in the Diana has temporarily been put on hold. The reason for the change is that the building is still routinely populated by “visitors,” although it was never made clear who exactly these visitors are. In the future there will be more attempts to make the Diana a “habitable” space.
  • On the heels of last week’s Town Hall on Diversity, Pamela Phayme, Director of Diversity Initiatives, had this to say: “[We are] ready for Barnard to get real and push the envelope a bit on diversity. I think our community has something great and dynamic, but in order to do an even better job, we have to get a deeper understanding of what we really mean when we say ‘diversity.’ What does it mean to be tolerant in this community? Our vision for next 3 to 5 years is to get to a place where the campus community feels comfortable discussing the issue of diversity.”
  • Election speeches for next year will be held Sunday, April 3, in the Diana. On March 29 there will be a dinner for office-holders to mingle with those seeking office.

Classical ruins via Wikimedia

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  • anoni says:

    @anoni wouldn’t it be funny if scat porn was actually people scat singing naked and not pooping?

    1. ahahahahaha says:

      @ahahahahaha GENIUS i almost laughed out loud in the reference room

  • um says:

    @um Barnard isn’t getting coop.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous not yet. they’re just looking into it.

    2. Word says:

      @Word Agreed, Barnard can get COOP when they pry it from my cold dead fingers along with my trowel and meat stick.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous they already got CUE. why can’t they get COOP?

        1. COOP isn't a privilege says:

          @COOP isn't a privilege It’s a birthright.

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous oh boy here we go

        2. because says:

          @because COOP and CUE are completely different programs. Barnard is not getting COOP.

          Can’t they start their own BOOP or something? I love that quote. Yes barnard, you believe you are entitled to COOP, and you act like you’re doing everyone a service trying to get it.

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous no but really what’s the worst we could do?


            Egads guys the Barnard girls are hitting on the Columbia guys! They’re breaking the amorous contact rule! -gasp- AND they’re wearing their Juicy Couture miniskirts ON A CAMPING TRIP!!

            Give me a break, please

          2. haha says:

            @haha this is a really good comment, and i don’t know why it’s thumbed down. honestly, people. get over yourselves.

    3. Barnard Troll says:

      @Barnard Troll there are chicken coops in a barnyard, soooo….yeah, since Barnard sounds like barnyard, and coop is like COOP, by the law of the 9th way of knowing, Barnard will get COOP participation.

  • ummm says:

    @ummm just saying, it’s McAC, not McAc.

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