Bwoglines: Headline Hodgepodge Edition

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but really, does anyone ever eat at Camille's?

Breaking news below!

Mobsters busted in raid on HamDel’s mysterious neighbor, Camille’s.

Charlie Sheen has locked himself in a reading room on Butler 4 with several female students, a suitcase of cocaine, and every book on the Lit Hum syllabus.

Student looks at Community Food and Juice Menu from a Marxist Perspective.

Emma Watson transfers to Barnard.

McBain Shaft Installs Ball Pit.

Bwog writes post without any typos.

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  1. Anonymous  

    There are no links!!

  2. person  

    Someone at Columbia actually happy.

  3. doesn't usually read bwog  

    emma watson made me LOL

  4. Update  

    Sheen still refuses to leave the reading room, and is now insisting that someone bring him a copy of Nietzsche's "Genealogy of Morals"

  5. Anonymous  

    um, a ball pit in the McBain shaft would be the most epic thing ever

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