Bwoglines: The Serious and the Silly Edition

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These bandz are seriously silly.

With a vote on Columbia’s Baker Field building plans in Inwood coming next week, community members have posted an online petition calling for more concessions from the university. (Manhattan Times)

Manning Marable, SIPA professor of history and public affairs and founding director of the Institute for Research in African American Studies, passed away yesterday. Marable was a passionate critic of economic, social, and racial issues; his long-awaited biography of Malcolm X is due to be published on Monday. (NYT)

Yale students have filed a Title IX suit against the university in response to Yale’s failure to adequately address issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus, specifically citing the October 2010 incident where Yale fraternity pledges chanted the words “No means yes, yes means anal!” throughout Yale’s Old Campus. (Yale Herald, Salon)

As guests of honor at Spec’s annual awards dinner, Arianna Huffington and Joan Didion helped the publication to raise nearly $100K. Though the funds are slated for new “technology and much-needed digitization projects,” we hope that at least a bit of it translates into free food! (NYObserver)

Post-subway ride users of hand sanitizer, meet the MetroMitt—a disposable mitt designed to protect your hands from all sorts of unsavory subway germs. (Gawker)

Silly Bandz via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. R.I.P. Manning Marable.  

    Brilliant man, great loss to the community.

  2. anon  

    what was with the noise this morning in front of carman?! at 8 AM?

  3. Well

    I'm glad to see that Yale is getting a little taste of what it's like to be besieged by a small contingent of lunatic campus radicals.

    • Really?  

      I'd call the frat boys the lunatics, not the people who took offense to it. No means yes? Pretty much goes against decades of female empowerment. I'd hardly call myself a radical, but I find that statement bigoted and misogynistic. We deserve better than that. Good for the Yale students who are actually making the university accountable for their anti-discrimination policies.

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