College Days 2011: The Great American Roadtrip

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"The only foods for me are the free ones..."

CCSC just unveiled the line up for College Days, an annual celebration of student performances and free stuff. This year’s theme is The Great American Roadtrip. Accordingly, every day’s activities have a city-based theme (though the theoretical itinerary doesn’t really seem physically possible). Check out the promotional video below. It seems a certain someone is fast becoming the face of Columbia’s YouTube persona.

  • Opening Ceremony: New York, April 17 at the Sundial 12 to 2 pm: New York Pizza and Pretzels, A Capella performances, Dean Moody-Adams College Days American Apparel shirts!
  • Arts Portlandia: Earthy Foods, April 20th in the Van Am Quad 2 to 4 pm: Paint-throwing: Photo booth: Panorama Postcrypt: 99 Columbians: Conscillience: and more Local, organic food and more shirts!
  • Movie Day: Los Angeles, April 22nd on Low Plaza 8 to 10 pm: Top Gun, Popcorn, M&Ms, Stuffed Columbia lions More shirts!
  • Masquerade Ball: New Orleans, April 23rd in Roone 9 pm to 1 am: Live jazz band followed by D.J. Simon Herzog, Mask and champagne flute giveaways, Gourmet banquet and alcohol
  • BBQ Folk fest: Nashville, April 24th in the Revsen Plaza 1 to 3 pm: Live performance by Sam Reider and the Lost Boys, Tasty BBQ buffet, Shirts!
  • Closing Ceremony: Washington DC, April 25th on Low Plaza 9 to 11 pm: Jeff Sachs, C.U. Bhangra and Orisha, Maoz dinner, All the rest of the shirts!

Freewheelin’ via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. ugh  

    that video sucked. i thought we had film majors here. was that shot on a camera phone?

  2. Johnnie Cochrin

    That video did not make sense.

  3. Anonymous

    Can we have a Columbia lipdub?

  4. CC'13  


  5. Anonymous

    I really don't understand why Columbia feels it's ok to have a celebration during Christian holy days--they would never do this during Jewish holy days. It's like prohibiting exams on Saturday but allowing them on Sunday. A disrespectful double standard.

    • jew

      this week is also passover and most importantly it's also earth week.

    • FYI  

      This is during Passover, too, friend. I do, however, agree that it's a little strange to have celebratory, indulgent events during holy days that are hugely important for a lot of students.

      But let's remember that a) Passover and Easter are abnormally late this year; b) part of observing Holy Week for Catholics/Christians at least is about separating yourself from worldly things as a signifier of your belief in a higher kingdom, and it's a little silly to expect the world to make that easier for you as a sign of respect, c) April's tough and I'm sure they explored other options and decided the likelihood of good weather and not being too close to finals were better deciding factors (because they actually affect everyone)

      I'm willing to bet they thought about this. I, as a (fellow?) Christian, understand the frustration that respect to Christianity is not as hip as respect to other religions these days, but I don't think this is the most egregious example of that trend. So you now have to give up Top Gun and free stuffed lions on Good Friday -- if God and the observance of your faith are truly more important to you, I think you'll agree that that sacrifice is small potatoes compared to The Sacrifice that holiday is commemorating.

      On the scale of outrage to bummer, I'd say bummer. At least there aren't any events like some kind of Leavened Bread Fest on the 19th or Meat-a-thon on the 22nd. I'd imagine more sensitivity was involved in the planning than the dates are leading you to give them credit for.

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry--didn't realize it was Passover as well. But now its both Christians and Jews that this is disrespecting. I realize it's complicated, but Columbia is so sensitive about practically everything else under the sun--this is a relatively big thing for people that take religion seriously and should really have been taken into account.

  7. Not religious

    Oh, when will all this come to end? All this bickering about this and that clashing with holy days...

    Considering our diverse campus, every second day probably offends someone or clashes with someone else's holy day. Unfortunately, we can't shut down the world for those who attach an extra significance to #st/nd/th of such-and-such month. It sucks that everyone can't be happy all the time... What to do?...

  8. yo matt i know you're the daily editor  

    stop calling me out

  9. I want  

    a free tshirt!!

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