"The only foods for me are the free ones..."

CCSC just unveiled the line up for College Days, an annual celebration of student performances and free stuff. This year’s theme is The Great American Roadtrip. Accordingly, every day’s activities have a city-based theme (though the theoretical itinerary doesn’t really seem physically possible). Check out the promotional video below. It seems a certain someone is fast becoming the face of Columbia’s YouTube persona.

  • Opening Ceremony: New York, April 17 at the Sundial 12 to 2 pm: New York Pizza and Pretzels, A Capella performances, Dean Moody-Adams College Days American Apparel shirts!
  • Arts Portlandia: Earthy Foods, April 20th in the Van Am Quad 2 to 4 pm: Paint-throwing: Photo booth: Panorama Postcrypt: 99 Columbians: Conscillience: and more Local, organic food and more shirts!
  • Movie Day: Los Angeles, April 22nd on Low Plaza 8 to 10 pm: Top Gun, Popcorn, M&Ms, Stuffed Columbia lions More shirts!
  • Masquerade Ball: New Orleans, April 23rd in Roone 9 pm to 1 am: Live jazz band followed by D.J. Simon Herzog, Mask and champagne flute giveaways, Gourmet banquet and alcohol
  • BBQ Folk fest: Nashville, April 24th in the Revsen Plaza 1 to 3 pm: Live performance by Sam Reider and the Lost Boys, Tasty BBQ buffet, Shirts!
  • Closing Ceremony: Washington DC, April 25th on Low Plaza 9 to 11 pm: Jeff Sachs, C.U. Bhangra and Orisha, Maoz dinner, All the rest of the shirts!

Freewheelin’ via Wikimedia Commons.