Operation Ivy League: Next Hearing Scheduled for May 10

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The five students arrested last December in the drug bust known as Operation Ivy League—Chris Coles, Harrison David, Adam Klein, Jose Perez, and Michael Wymbs—appeared in court again for the third time this morning. In a hearing that lasted about five minutes, the judge agreed to keep trying the students together as a group and scheduled the next hearing for May 10. Coles and Wymbs are still in the process of seeking diversion to treatment, and the DA gave no further update on this matter.

The hearings so far have been largely bureaucratic and filled with legal proceedings, and this will likely continue. Kati Cornell, the Public Information Director of the NYC Office of Special Narcotics, told us yesterday that nothing has happened on public record since the last hearing. When we spoke to Marc Agnifilo, the attorney for Chris Coles, he told us the DA is taking the request for diversion to treatment seriously, which he calls “promising.”

We’ll keep updating you with news as we hear it.



  1. Stephen Perez

    I can't believe I let Harrison David talk us into all this

  2. Cootie

    6 months later there is going to be a final answer? this is getting ridiculous

  3. the hearings have

    been largely... filled with legal proceedings.


  4. damn!  

    they wanted to be tried as a group? that's ridiculous, it totally legitimizes the charges of criminal conspiracy and gives all 5 a class B felony charge. i'm no law(student)yer but this seems like a terrible idea by the defense. don't they all have different lawyers and some seeking alternative treatments?

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