What Makes a Havemeyer a Home?

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For this pigeon, it’s a nice ledge in 309 to build a nest and lay eggs on. Mind-bwoggling.

Pigeons like chemistry too. And yes, those are eggs.

And we already asked Public Safety to take care of her, so she and her youngins hopefully won’t get hurt.

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  1. Bwog should do video

    only so we can hear people try and pronouce Vbwog.

  2. Anonymous

    Aww. Cute pigeon.

  3. name  

    samantha power!

    kind of hard to do something with...

  4. Anonymous  

    It's Havemeyer with an e...

  5. Anonymous  

    I know, maybe Public Safety can build her and her kids a real one?

  6. ban frats on campus!  

    what came first, the pigeon or the egg?

  7. Gonna Be Honest  

    The last thing we need is another fucking pidgeon

  8. Anonymous  

    Mind bwoggling, already famous.

  9. Anonymous

    Spotted: Public Safety guys walking into 309 with a shovel

  10. Correction  

    Missing tag: free food

  11. Related.  

    Sometime last week when it was pouring one afternoon, I was strolling down 110th and saw three little birds huddling under a window flower box all fluffed up together against the chill. I considered taking a picture to send to Bwog and share with you people but I didn't because I thought I'd look stupid crouching down with my cell phone camera. Sorry guys, because of my self-consciousness, you don't get to bare witness to this adorable event.

  12. Anonymous  

    What a shit nest. This bird sucks.

  13. HAHAHA  

    bird testicles look weird.

  14. Columbia Dad

    Don't touch that nest - it is an important egg-speriment in progress!

  15. Columbia Dad

    If only it was in the Philosophy department, the bird could be named Hide-egger.

  16. Anonymous

    Get real! Stop coddling vermin and disease! Call the health department.

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