Hey General Selection, You’re Kinda Fucked!

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UPDATE, 4/9: Housing has posted a list of General Selection times by priority number and by UNI. Go find out how many people pick before you!

UPDATE: General selection appointments have been emailed out, so go fret!

UPDATE: Housing just released a list of of all currently available and already assigned rooms (UNI Required), broken down by building and type!

Housing just revealed that not all juniors will be able to pick into singles in General Selection this year. There are currently 1123 juniors and seniors registered for General Selection and only 987 singles available during General Selection. This means that up to 136 juniors (though more likely 100-120, since not all upperclassmen will pick) will have to pick into the worst blind doubles left over from Suite Selection. Housing stressed, however, that those juniors will be able to get singles through Summer Transfer. The brownstones the frats were kicked out of (approximately 50 beds), graduate housing (at least 60 beds, all near campus), and some Barnard housing (14 beds) will be available for juniors.

The luckiest 40 sophomores (with lottery numbers under 440) will be able to pick into Furnald. Another 20-30 will end up in terrible blind doubles, and the rest (approximately 200) will be put on the Sophomore Waitlist. Those on the list will be transferred into the blind doubles vacated by the juniors when they are transferred into the Brownstones or graduate housing over the summer.

You’re not so fucked actually. Housing assures us that everyone will be given the best housing possible, by seniority. Juniors in particular should not worry if they have to pick a blind double in the McBain shaft during General Selection; they will not be there when September rolls around. Housing also announced that they are hoping to have info sessions to assuage juniors’ fears, hopefully sometime late next week.

In related news, General Selection appointment times will be posted soon.


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  1. Anonymous

    So let them get married

  2. Anonymous  

    1162. Rising Junior.

    Should I be worried?

  3. Anon

    Well, yes and no.
    Yes, you won't get a single now. From what I can tell, that's almost certain.
    No, because you're number's pretty high so you can probably transfer into a semi-decent single.

  4. Anonymous  

    So, is it a sure thing that there are 40 rising sophomores in gen sel with numbers under 440?

  5. Anonymous  

    Is there a reason to assume no juniors at all take Furnald?

  6. 2300s  

    So 2300s = terrible rooms in Wein? Do we have the option of dropping to summer transfer on purpose (i.e., picking a shaft room intentionally for the purposes of getting transferred)? Or if there are singles available do we automatically have to take them?

  7. Anonymous  

    What are the rooms in the frat brownstones like?

  8. 1100s  

    i'm in the low 1100s (1100-1110), rising junior...what're my odds of not getting screwed?

  9. where da f  

    are pics from 40's on 40? Honestly, Bwog. Come on. The Spec is kicking ass right now!

  10. Anonymous  

    Unless they are RAs or riders, no juniors

  11. Anonymous  

    2904. Rising junior. #ftw

  12. Anonymous  

    Currently most of the rooms in the brownstones are doubles, will they be making them all into singles? Or will I just have to transfer to a double in a brownstone instead of McBain? my number is in the 2600's and i pick on the 22nd of april.

  13. Anonymous  

    Is there any way to tell how many people pick before you?

  14. A Thought  

    You know who this really fucks over is the middle juniors who are not high enough to get Schapiro and not low enough to get onto summer transfer. The 2,300-2,500 are going to be forced into the shittiest of shitty Wein singles away from all their friends while the 2,900 will have a brownstone. Just another example of housing making a system THAT DOESN’T WORK!

  15. senior

    in 2700s.....summer transfer? what r the chances of these brownstone rooms being good????

  16. hey  

    i have a pretty small penis.

  17. Anonymous  

    who cares about living with your friends, i'd most rather live comfortably, which seems virtually impossible

  18. So...

    If I'm an 1190s junior, am I gonna end up in wein/what are my chances of getting schapiro?

  19. Sucks

    once again, housing issues. Why do sophomores and Juniors have no great housing options? Nice that I'm around 2300 -____-

  20. 2900's and plus  

    For all your friends that bragged about getting Ruggles suites and going crazy, raping your facebook with obnoxious posts.....fuck them

  21. This  

    doesn't have the tag to put it in the Housing category.

  22. Anonymous

    how about sophomores with point value higher than 10? does they count toward the lucky 40s? then the cutoff wouldn’t be 440….

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