Clash of the Classes…It’s a Thing!

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We imagine the battle will look something like this.

We apologize for being a little late to the game on this one (the events  began yesterday), but Clash of the Classes is finally here! As of Friday, we hear that the juniors are in the lead with 1820 points, followed by the freshmen with 1170. You’d think the seniors are slackin’ with only 180 points, but the true slacker title belongs to the sophs—they haven’t scored a single point! If class pride is your thing, now is the time to defend your year’s dignity! And of course, there’s an added incentive: the winning class gets a barbecue on Sunday in its honor!

If any of these events tickle your fancy, sign up to participate here.

Water War: Saturday, April 9 at 3 pm, Ancel Plaza (outside EC)

Water Balloon Tossing: Saturday, April 9 at 3 pm, EC Bridge

Soccer Tournament: Saturday, April 9 at 7 pm, Levien Gym

Dodgeball Tournament: Sunday, April 10 at 10 am, University Gym

Men on Horseback via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. no

    time for this! but i'll go to the bbq.

  2. Hmmm  

    look at columbia trying to copy barnard's greek games!

  3. Anonymous  

    its coz the seniors just don't care anymore and the sophomores are too busy failing their classes...

  4. sophomore  

    i didn't know ANYTHING about this event

  5. Junior

    I had never heard of this until now.

  6. well

    What, no quiz bowl/jeopardy component?

    • Agreed  

      The facebook event says "Compete against other classes in games of soccer, TRIVIA, dodgeball, water fight and tug of war." But the closest event to that is a DDR/smash bros. event, which already happened.

  7. sophomores  

    were busy kickin it on the 2013 boat party

  8. something something something  


  9. CC '13  

    it's because all of 2013 was drunk on a boat last night

  10. stop calling it a bbq

    burgers and hot dogs are not bbq. You're having a cook out or you are grilling. damn yankees.

  11. Anonymous  

    the flyers make it look like it's titled "crash of the crasses"

  12. hmm

    On second thought, an appropriately geeky title for this would've been "Class Struggle."

  13. fuck this  

    i'm on a boat bitch.

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