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The 117th Annual Varsity Show will run from April 29 to May 1. If it’s anything like the preview, it sounds like it might be worth your while. Get your tickets online or at the TIC before April 14th for the early bird discount! If you’re feeling generous, splurge on a VIP ticket. We’re not quite sure what’s so VIP about it, but if you’ve got the funds, why not? ‘Tis for a good cause—Columbia community-building tradition!

Early Bird Discount through April 14

Priority: $15

Floor: $8

Balcony: $5

Prices after April 14

VIP: $75

Priority: $15

Floor: $10

Balcony: $7

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  1. Anonymous  


    (hi em)

  2. Anonymous

    what day is going to be the best, most-packed, showing?

  3. hmphf  

    i wish i could pay for a seat right next to bob vulfov as he performs. he doesn't know me, but i'll marry that boy.

  4. Anonymous  

    eli grober makes my mouth water

  5. Anonymous  

    Erm... wedding singer review, bwog? I was glad that I could at least praise bwog for reviewing the majority of the shows this semester, even if the reviews themselves are... ummm... interestingly-worded.

  6. Bob Vulfov

    is a beast. No, he's a dog. He's a mother fucking problem.

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