A Note on Alexander Hamilton

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He’s an important guy. Here are some things you should know about him: he founded the New York Post; he went to college here, but did not graduate; he is Michael Cera. If you want to learn even more, a biopic on Alexander Hamilton airs tonight at 10 pm on Channel 13. According to the blurb, the documentary is about “money, rights, news, battle, sex and honor,” so basically all the things Bwog stands for. Therefore, if you’re reading this post, you should watch this program:

Watch the full episode. See more Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton.

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  1. Anonymous

    the ten dollar founding father without a father

  2. Hooah  

    You can call me Aaron Burr from the way I'm dropping Hamiltons.

  3. Burr  

    I should have brought my furr

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