Overheard: Needs Context

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The auditory equivalent of stepping in something

Some things sound really strange out of context, others are just strange. Bwog wonders if a little background info would make following verbal vapors smell a little less funky.

Two girls chatting outside:

Girl 1: Now would you be embarrassed or angry?

Girl 2: *hesitates* I would be… uncomfortable.

Girl 1: Out of embarrassment? Or like, “bitch you didn’t do what I told you to do!”

Broadway off-duty guard to on-duty guard:

“…they were both sharing it from one cup. eating it, spitting it back out, then eating it again”

Scuffed sneaker via wikimedia.


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  1. Wait

    I didn't understand the first one, can someone explain?

  2. Awwww  

    C'mon, I thought we were passed "2 girls, 1 cup."

  3. CC'13  

    ahahah, i want those girls to be my friends!

  4. frontiers of science?  

    “If you wanna know what I think, you know, I think brains can burp too… just like the body. And, you know, brains can fart or whatever.”

    -john jay security guard, chatting with student at front desk

  5. Anonymous  

    Well the first one is obviously talking about the sandwich the girl should be making

  6. Anonymous  

    hahahahahahaha the first conversation was me and a friend. funnily enough, we were talking about a threesome i had...

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