April Showers Bring May Flowers…

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This is about 5 years ahead of Schapiro shower technology

or not.

Overheard in the Pupin 5th floor bathroom:

Person 1: “I haven’t showered in four days.”

Person 2: “That’s good.”

Person 1: “It’s not really…but it’s eco.”

Cleanliness via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    its not eco-friendly. its disgusting.

  2. Anonymous

    What is wrong with you people? When did this become OK? Get in the fucking shower. The rest of us can smell you and your overpowering laziness.

  3. mcbain  

    never has hot water

  4. Happy Hippie  

    It's healthy to skip a day showering now and then... you're mostly spreading the bacteria around in the shower (especially if you're using a loofah) and stripping your skin of essential oils in the process so it's good to let your natural oils replenish themselves and keep your crotch bacteria away from your hands now and then. ewwww.

  5. of course  

    this person would be in Pupin

  6. Greenborite  

    Pssh. Amateur...

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