Arrest at 115th and Broadway

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Earlier this afternoon, NYPD officers arrested and handcuffed a man in the Lerner bookstore. Police officers on the scene declined to comment and Community Affairs at the 26th Precinct was unavailable. A Public Safety officer near the scene said that there had also been a call for help from a man being assaulted in the subway, and that he was with a female. A few minutes after the arrest, the female who had been in the subway, a high school-aged girl, was put into a police car near the gates. It is unclear at this time if the arrest and the reported assault are related.

We will keep you updated as we learn more information.

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  1. This is what happens

    when you try and break the glass cieling in Lerner.

  2. Anonymous

    the question is.. was it a black or hispanic?

  3. Anonymous  

    It was a drug dealing Asian SEAS kid obviously

  4. Anonymous  

    hmm, these comments are more retarded than usual

  5. person  

    I wish the police would spend less time declining to comment and more time fighting real crimes.

  6. Alexander Hamilton  

    Ya like fake i.d's and drinking underage

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