Arrest on Campus

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An unidentified person was arrested minutes ago on College Walk. According to a tipster, the cab on the right is actually an undercover cop car (just like the movies!), and another tipster informed us that the person arrested was a man wearing a backpack shouting, “What did I do?” Apparently around a dozen cops surrounded him in an “intense” arrest.

We will update as we have more information.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Was it a black?

  2. anon  

    Silence, bridge troll!

  3. Anonymous  

    What I do?! I thought this was 'Merica! I thought this was 'Merica!

  4. Damn  

    That's like the third arrest this month

  5. Anonymous  

    so much arrest on campus :(

  6. so..  

    so thats what the cash cab does with its free time..

  7. NYPD,


  8. Anonymous

    He was probably trying to have fun at Columbia.

  9. ...  

    The question is not what did you do, it's what didn't you do.

  10. I was there

    i was there too. This guy was like < 5 feet tall. And yeah he was black. Black person, not linen, in case there was any unclarity.

    I think they were searching his backpack and stuff, but idk what that entails

  11. Wow  

    That's such a nice picture of low library.

  12. Van Owen

    Gator wants his gat you punk ass bitch...

  13. Anonymous

    Oh god please don't be drug bust 2.0.

  14. Sima Shi  

    Must be Rodney King's grandson...

  15. Remember when...  

    Bwog used to update "Favorite Comments"? Quite a few gems in this thread. Just sayin'.

  16. uh oh  

    looks like someone tried to buy 72 fake IDs

  17. cc12  

    people do you think it's okay to be this racist?

  18. Anonymous

    he must of not known there were at least 5 sub genres to house music

  19. This photograph  

    has great composition and expressive content.

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