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More election results just in, this time from the Spring 2011 ESC decision. About 125 students voted for the classes of 2012 and 13, and nearly 200 for 2014. 498 students total voted for the other representatives; for more details, check out the full vote breakdown (PDF). Cheers guys!

2012: Judy Kim (President), Mailing Wu (Vice President), Spencer Almen & Santosh Balachandar (Reps)

2013: Mary Byers (President), Shudipto Rahman (Vice President), Angel Say & Michael Yoon (Reps)

2014: Kathy Sun (President) by three votes! Sidd Bhatt (Vice President), Daniel O’Leary & Priya Sharma (Reps)

Academic Affairs Rep: Huili Zhu

Student Services Rep: Lisa Mack

Alumni Affairs/Pre-professional Development Rep: Bora Kim

GSSC Liason: Rebecca Frauzem

CCSC Liason: Linda Sun

A note from Carla Williams, Secretary of Elections, after the jump!

Dear Election Participants,
Congratulations to all of you for being brave enough to run and for your zealous efforts to try to represent the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. I would like to thank each and every one of you for participating in the Elections. For those of you who were successful in the elections, congratulations and I look forward to working with you these next couple of weeks as you transition into your new roles. For those who were unable to secure a position, the races were all quite close, so clearly you have a number of supporters. I hope you will continue to represent their interests by working with the Engineering Student Council 2011 – 2012.
Best wishes in everything,
Carla Williams
Secretary of Elections 2010-2011

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  1. *proofread!  

    it's Spencer, not Apencer...

  2. Anonymous

    Apencer? really? come on bwog. are you really in that much of a hurry?

  3. SEAS '14  

    Wtf? Upset for ESC '14

  4. Anonymous  


  5. what do these people do?  

    I'm pretty sure I didn't vote for this one.

  6. Anonymous  

    2014 is run by financial engineers..........

  7. SEAS '14  

    Kathy Sun and Sidd Bahtt cheated. They put DemocraSEAS posters up in places that were restricted and then reported those posters.

  8. goonette

    SHUUUUUUUUUDIPTOOOOOOOOO what an amazing guy

  9. Anonymous  

    Do I hear that DemocraSEAS played it dirty! Their elevator posters were demeaning and they campaigned in no campaign zones. Pity.

    • Anonymous  

      they were framed dumbass

      • non-2014 ESC member  

        oh please. they had a flyer with cut out holes designed for the elevator up and down buttons. As in it was DESIGNED for the elevator. Elevator of John Jay was off limits

        are you telling me that their opponents actually MADE a flyer supporting their opposition just to frame them? Let's think about this.

        DemocraSEAS cheated. That's that. Maybe they just didn't pay enough attention to the rules and didn't mean to, but if you run it's your responsibility to read the given materials. I'm happy FUtastic won.

  10. Anonymous  

    DemocraSEAS. You lost. Now stop whining.

  11. Uh, DemocraSEAS...  

    HATERS GONNA HATE! now chill, stop covering other peoples' posters with yours and enjoy defeat.

  12. no1curr~  

    is all i gotta say

  13. SEAS '14  

    Why in the world would you disclose the margin of victory? It only creates harm.

  14. Nate Levick  

    Woo!! Looks like there was some legit voter turnout and some exciting contests!

    I'm excited for next year, looks like it's gonna be a great group. Congrats to all winners and cheers to everyone who ran. And voted!

  15. Anonymous  


    (hi lisa)

  16. Anonymous  


  17. yaaaa  

    shu and mary!!!

  18. Anonymous  

    Need help deciding. Harmony or Schapiro. Rising Junior.

  19. Anonymous  

    Linda Sun is the sunshine of my life ^_^

    • Linda  

      :)))) thanks for brightening my day. I showed my dad this article and in response to this comment, he said "I agree with the thumbs down, because you are probably only 80% percent or less sunshining."

      ?? asian parents

  20. Anonymous

    you guys aren't getting it. The OP is saying that they essentially framed the DemocraSEAS kids by putting up the DemocraSEAS posters in restricted areas and then reporting those posters for breaking the rules, thereby making DemocraSEAS look bad. Just wanted to clarify.

    • Anonymous

      Even if this happened (which I doubt), it really doesn't make a difference. Posters have pretty much no influence on election results...it's all about who you know. Clearly the people in FU had a better networking campaign/are more involved in campus and know more people. That's really all there is to it--all elections are popularity contests.

    • Anonymous  


      they had a flyer that said "where you want your council to go" - pointing to the up elevator button. And "where no one wants to go" pointing the the down elevator button on the ground floor of John Jay. That sign was DESIGNED FOR THE ELEVATOR. NO ONE MOVED IT.

      they cheated themselves. they weren't framed. get over it.

      • Anonymous  

        Knowing absolutely nothing about the situation besides this comment thread, the fact that the poster was designed for the elevator is a total non sequitur. Doesn't mean DemocraSEAS designed it. Doesn't mean their opponents did either.

        Hell, if anything it'd hypothetically make a good frame, since it clearly demonstrates intent to flier in a no-flier area, which a generic flyer wouldn't necessarily communicate.

        Anyway, I guess my point is Lisa Mack rocks. This conclusion is also a non sequitur, albeit one undeniably supported by all observable evidence.

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