Hangama 2011: Fulfilling Your Dream of Getting Married on Low Plaza

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In case you’re wondering what all the colorful commotion on Low Plaza is, it’s Hangama 2011, a mock Pakistani wedding held by Columbia’s Organization of Pakistani Students and NYU’s Pakistani Students Association. Held on Low Plaza, the mock wedding is between a Columbia bride and an NYU groom who arrives to meet her on horseback! We hear that everyone wears their finest South Asian attire, dances to sweet tunes, and has an awesome time. They’ve even got a halal cart! Screw this weather—y’all should check it out.

Photos by Evelyn Warner and Ravi Mahmood

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  1. Ironic  

    It's like raaaaaayeeeeaaaaain on your wedding dayyy!

  2. Anonymous  

    I've been to all four Hangamas and this was the best. SO FUN!

  3. Yay!

    Aviva for the win!

  4. Hi Evelyn Warner!  

    From your CC classmate

  5. Say yes!

    To arranged marriage!

  6. Anonymous  

    mazel tov!!!!!!!

  7. HANGAMA!  

    Can you guys put up the pictures of Hangama sent to you by the OPS? It would be much appreciated.

  8. Recombination?!  

    This is more shtick material for your real wedding than I could ever have hoped for. Mazal tov, Aviva!

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