In the Case of an Actual Fire

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Tipster Vivek Bhagwat reports these fire hydrant things do work. History of virtually every fire alarm ever (except for this one) would suggest that everything is probably fine.

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  1. Shocked  

    Whoa, is that water?? And here I thought all those hydrants around campus were for decoration...

  2. Anonymous

    Step Up 2: The Streets reference? This is why I read Bwog.

  3. Anonymous  

    is no one else curious about the actual fire?

  4. Anonymous  

    John Jay 6's fault? Maybe because the guys are so hottttttttttttttttttttt

  5. Actual fires...  

    What about the one in McBain (/Deluxe...) last year? And the Hartley/Wallach laundry room the year before? Etc. etc. etc. - come on Bwog...some institutional memory please. I'm sure not ALL your writers are freshmen...

  6. Um...  

    then what's up with the giant fiery ball of death in the window?

  7. Anonymous  

    thats a street lamp

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