Bed Bugs Are Back

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It seems our foes are stronger than we first imagined. Tipsters have reported several fresh bed bug sightings on the 4th floor of Butler, and Francie Mrkich, Director of Access Services, confirms the reappearance:

This was reported by a student on Saturday and Facilities was notified immediately. I’ll give you an update on the situation as soon as I receive it.

You might want to avoid the upholstered chairs and opt for the hardwood today. But don’t fret, Columbia’s Herculean extermination efforts in the past assure us that no area will remain un”vacuumed and chemically treated.” Bwog will keep you updated on the ongoing skirmish.

Update 3:50 pm

Francie Mrkich writes:

The exterminator was here this morning and did a preliminary check of the room. No bedbugs were found. Traps now are being set in the room and will be monitored throughout the week. If evidence of bedbugs are found, necessary steps will be taken to clean and treat the room.

Update 5:03 pm

We’ve confirmed with Scott Wright, Vice President of Student and Administrative Services, that a room in Broadway (see below) was treated for bed bugs last week. Ewwww.

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  3. Anonymous  

    Here's an idea for good reporting: tell us WHERE THESE FUCKING THINGS WERE SPOTTED.

  4. senior  

    Just another reason for me to not go to Butler. Not like I'm doing any of my work anyway.

  5. Isabella Rossellini  

    I still say the root of the problem is students. don't let them into the library and we wouldn't have these problems

  6. Black Metal  

    Alternatively, we could just purify them with fire.

  7. omfg

    i just read this post. while in butler. on the 4th floor.

    i feel itchy all of a sudden.

  8. Also,  

    bed bugs in Broadway.

  9. Anonymous  

    bed bug eggs can withstand nuclear warfare. these must be the new babies that didn't die from the last extermination round. watch wear you put your bags and stuff--they can hitch a ride on anything!!!!

  10. Also also  

    bed bugs in Watt, being treated now.

  11. Anonymous  

    Butler sucks anyway. I don't ever get any work done there. Better off working in my room.

  12. Exterminators in 209  

    Def saw ppl placing triangle things under the desks. Ahhhh..! Open Hamilton for study space..!!

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