Campus Eateries Violating Things

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Remember how we told you a few months ago that Morningside Heights is a den of filth? About that… it kind of still is.

As much as we hate to believe that it’s true—we really, really love those corn muffins—it has come to our attention that Café 212 has a super high rating due to many health violations. Its 62 violations are listed in the following screenshot from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s site:

For a point of comparison, Hewitt scored 23 and John Jay got a 12. Café East, which is located just across the room from 212, came in at a 7. (Cherish the use of the words “scored” and “came in at a…”—it’s probably the closest we’ll get to athletic jargon for a while.)

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  1. CC'13  

    screen shot no work

  2. wait why are we  

    not mentioning ferris getting ZERO violations, even though someone found a caterpillar there that one time!

  3. don't you...  

    get shut down for anything over 28?

  4. And to think..  

    That someone on my floor used to rep Cafe 212 all day. He was considering getting a "212" tattoo across his chest. Silly gangs and their unsanitary actions...

  5. Got Em  

    Went to Cafe East today and there were flies all around me...

  6. 212 is gross  

    they always have the worst, most burnt coffee. butler cafe all the way!

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