This Friday Is Last Friday

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Tonight is CQA’s Last Friday, a drag pageant and First Friday-style dance combo. The drag pageant kicks off at 9:30 pm tonight, and the dance immediately follows at around 11 pm. Tickets for the dance are available through TIC for $5, but there’s an official loophole: anyone who attends the drag pageant can just stay for the dance without paying. Like most parties and dances in Lerner, Last Friday requires one ID to dance  and two ID’s to drink, and all the fun ends at 2 am. But don’t fret, you’ll have lots of space to show off your moves. Lerner Party Space, First Friday’s usual home, would burst at the seams with all this fabulousness, so the classy affair will be held in Roone auditorium. Godspeed, party people.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Excuse my ignorance, but what are the "Her Zog" stickers? I've never figured that out...

  2. Anonymous  

    Self-promo for Columbia student DJ, Simon Herzog. He's in my socio class at Banard like a cool enough guy.

    I assume he's DJing the event.

  3. I'm Me

    I can't believe that American society is now trying to normalize these disgusting people. Men dressing up as women and parading around as part of a pageant is simply sickening.

  4. Truth  

    Matt Martinez is the best

  5. am i the only one

    Who think it should have been "Good Friday" ?

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