Free Maoz at College Days Closing Ceremony

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Over the weekend we donned our masks in New Orleans and got folked up in Nashville. Sadly, it’s time to get back to work. The Great American Roadtrip will come to its final stop tonight in Washington DC (the Wien Lounge, mysteriously fitting). Stop by the College Days closing ceremony from¬†5 to 6 pm to nom free Maoz, watch Bhangra and Orisha perform, hear Jeff Sachs speak, and pick up another free t-shirt. The lounge has a maximum occupancy of 100 students, so go to take advantage of all the freebies.

Update: Look at what showed up for free food!


Photo by Steele Sternberg

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  1. grammar puss  

    its* final stop

    sorry, had to.

  2. Anonymous  



  3. falafel  

    Sometimes when I think of DC I actually do think of falafel...
    Falafel Shop in Adams Morgan, anyone? So good. Almost as good as Julia's Empanadas.

  4. Anonymous

    j sachs was so self-righteously annoying though... not sure if the falafel was worth sitting through that

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