Great Sexpectations for Columbia

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These soup dumplings are actually the most relevant image that responded to search keyword "steamy." Seriously. The runner-up was a photo of a man's hands resting on an airplane seat-back table.

It’s late April; soon, it will be May. Finals are approaching. We, too, have been spending most of our waking hours—and a few sleeping ones, too—growing paler and paler in Butler, where the existence of something called “sun” is just a vague rumor we overheard two freshmen gossiping about once. So there are really only a few things on every non-senior’s mind right now: cramming for exams, how to schedule maximum Bacchanal day-drinking in light of three essays due the following Monday, whether or not there’ll be a new installment of Butler Bingo

But—wait! Remember sex? (Note: It’s that thing we allegedly aren’t having.)

Here to help keep it in mind is Columbia’s newest sex magazine, “The Morningside After.” The cleverly titled mag—especially compared to any of our ideas (“CollegeWalk of Shame,” or maybe “In Nipples Tuo, Videbimus Nipples”)—intends to bring sex and sexuality into the mainstream discussion.

Co-founder Leena Charlton (CC’12) told Bwog a little bit about what distinguishes it from sex magazines past. “We aim to be a magazine about sexuality as a whole and bringing it into a popular discussion,” she explained. “As much as C-Spot was one about erotica and languishing in the esoteric nature of sex in our culture, a lot of their pieces ended up being tales of tawdry sex, or erotic fiction that was sometimes a little too imaginative.”

Charlton said that along with short pieces aimed specifically at Columbians, “The Morning After” will include science-oriented articles and longer journalistic features. Its premiere issue hits campus on May 2.

Just saucy enough image via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Anonymous

    why does bwog get exceptionally horny this time of year

  2. yay!  

    c-spot was a little too erotic porn-y. glad you all are putting together something more academic. i'll definitely read!

  3. Anonymous

    That actually looks awesome. I can't wait to read an issue this fall.

  4. Concerned Citizen

    We're on a SEXY TIME ROLL today.

  5. George Michael  

    What a sexy, fun time for you!

  6. Commencement Tickets  

    Concerning these, for how much money do people generally sell them?

  7. Anonymous  

    I love Leena Charlton! Ow ow

  8. ...  

    Is C-Spot completely gone then?

  9. Kartvel  

    Those are Khinkali

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