1. no shame  

    Suzanne is the greatest! <3

  2. just sayin'...

    Suzanne is pretty much my favorite person. Ever.

  3. Aw  

    This is endearing.

  4. ahgahaha  

    watching them try to carry him,..

  5. Scary  

    At 1:53, lightning flashes right as Suzanne says "the dread Cthulu"!

  6. Anonymous  

    It's easy to find a virgin to sacrifice in this club.

  7. Anonymous  

    explaination? really?

  8. Anonymous  

    The Old Ones are not pleased. IA IA!

  9. Anonymous

    I'm not sure Cthulhu so much demands sacrifices as much as people in the know are making an informed choice and strongly prefer to be eaten first.

  10. Anonymous

    Andrew Brickman is so sexy!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Suzanne is a pretty cool person, I agree :)

  12. jonathan

    oh my god - there's another guy named jonathan in this club!

  13. Andrew's Fan Club member (#2)  

    I think the geek shirt just proves Andrew's geek sexiness <3

  14. Andrew's Fan Club member(#3)

    Too bad he's straight - definitely sexier than Suzanne.

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