Uni “Café”—Unwilling to Conform To Society’s Labels

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With a bold move, the very cheeky Uni “Café” chose to stick it to the man re: gelato sizes. You wanted a small? Well that sucks—looks like you’ll be having a “wink” instead. Spotted in the space formerly known as Pinnacle (may it rest in peace):

Sadly, there's no euphemistic descriptor for "Waffle Cone." Yet. We'd like to suggest "Casual Head Nod" or "Late Night Sext."

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  1. I would not like  

    to receive a wink from the ice cream man...

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Which base is \Waffle Cone?\

  3. So  

    If I just wink to the ice cream man, he gets me a small. If I smile, I get a large. If I am depressed and crying in a Spongebob-esque manner, then I should get the whole goddamn case of gelato. I like this, ordering ice cream base on your emotions.

  4. Anonymous  

    Any chance I can have a blue waffle cone?

  5. Fuck Uni Cafe  

    It was always be Pinnacle to me.

  6. casual head  

    is my fav.

  7. the waffle cone  

    is my favorite position.

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