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Home Sweet Home (circa 1915)

V117 premieres tonight! Their trailer (as imagined by CUMB) boasts POWER, LUST and Godzilla footage. Check out our review of the preview, and a brief history of the Varsity Show tradition. We’ll see you there tonight!

Spec gets personal and pretty cute with their professors about the meaning of life, sharing their stories from their formative years. (The Eye)

Since you, fair readers, shitted all over our burger review, allow us to defer to Eater’s National Burger Week, a veritable tour de force of burger reportage from across the nation. (Eater)

The filming of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close continues on Riverside Drive (from around 112th to 116th St.) Tom Hanks has wrapped up his portion of the shoot, but you might be able to get a glimpse of Max von Sydow, the famous Swedish actor and star of many Ingmar Bergman films.

Clearly following Columbia’s example, Yale will vote on May 5 whether to allow their students to ensure they will have jobs after graduation by joining ROTC. (Crimson, Bloomberg)

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  1. Anonymous  

    isn't it shat, not shitted?

  2. The definitive NYC burger-review blog...  

    ...is actually "A Hamburger Today," over at the Serious Eats site:


  3. the trailer  

    is from the marching band

  4. failBwog

    The trailer is from CUMB.

  5. hahaha  

    bwog FAIL. you didn't notice that the video was put on youtube by the CUMB? also that it was funny? dead giveaways that v-show was not involved haha

  6. Anonymous  


  7. Can the VShow

    just play this trailer every year instead of actually doing a VShow? It would save a lot of time.

  8. Anonymous

    yeah it was the CUMB who made the varsity show trailer

  9. CUMB trailer?

    I hardly know her!

    geeteebee squahred.

  10. Anonymous  

    "the trailer as imagined by cumb"
    okay cumb you can be quiet now

  11. Anonymous  

    That The Eye retrospective piece is seriously awesome! :)

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